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MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE (M.S. LOGISTICS IKE) is a modern company which operates in providing Third Party Logistics services. It is a creation of people with long experience in the certain field.

Recognizing the new needs of the market, changing every minute, our company launches a new approach with innovative and competitive ideas.

This approach is adjusted to the modern requirements of the logistics industry as well as the needs of our customers, ensuring consistency, reliability and flexibility.

Aiming to improve supply chain management and in line with new economic realities, we adjusted our expectations constantly based on our customers' needs as well as supply chain requirements combining the development of technology. We believe that customer satisfaction is the best source to advertise our company.

M.S. LOGISTICS IKE is customer oriented, emphasizing in maximazation of customer satisfaction.

Our company provides the full range of 3PL Services, undertaking cargos supply chain from production up to final customer delivery.

Human Resource

The management of the company as well administration employees are MIS graduates and have professional experience in the certain field more than 35 years.

All employees of M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. enjoy ideal working conditions and full of confidence of the company, therefore all employees grant to the company high professionalism and their ongoing care and commitment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a principle of our company launching activities that improve the position of its employees, promote the dignity of the individual, enhance environmental protection and consider the future of next generations.


M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. is fully computerized using WMS (Warehouse Management System) software and ERP for any other operation of the company.

This enables the company to inform directly and quickly customers regarding accounting and physical condition of their products.

Furthermore at any time its customers can connect "on line".

The international quality certification ISO 9001: 2008 combined with the highly experienced, skilled employees secure the quality of the services provided and ensures our future course.

The total area the company facilitates at the moment is located at strategic points (Aspropyrgos and Kalohori Thessalovica) and amount to 30.000 m2. MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE provides different storage options in order to meet every need, allowing its customers to focus on their core business reducing effectively administration costs and improving service level for their customers.

The facilities are equipped with special ramps for loading and unloading; cooling chambers and modern shelves each type. Premises are also equipped with up to date safety systems providing the best possible protection to goods stored in them. The whole surrounding area is fenced and guarded by a well-known security company, which patrol the company 24 hours a day. The interior of the warehouse space, upon closing is isolated with alarm system which is connected with the security company. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor areas of the warehouses are monitored with video surveillance recording all the events on video. It is worth mentioning that the company has special license for Food Handling.

The fleet of the trucks operated is a mixture of privately owned trucks and exclusively cooperating trucks as well as a service network throughout Greece. It serves reliably and with fast response, as well as at competitive prices the need of its customers, in international transportation, by road, sea and air having representatives worldwide. It is worth to mention the weekly departure of container for Cyprus.


Our company provides different storage options in order to meet every need, allowing its customers to focus on their core business reducing effectively administration costs and improving service level for their customers.     


Our company provides timely and proper distribution of products throughout Greece to the final recipient, covering every requirement of the customers. Working with the most modern fleet delivers every order immediately (24-48 hours in central cities all over Greece).


Our company operates a packaging department offering the opportunity for a wide range of packages.
• Labeling
• Shrink packaging
• Bundling
• Wrapping