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Year 2016, was a year of development

Year 2016, was a year of development for M.S. LOGISTICS, which ended with many new collaborations.
15 new agreements have been signed, not only with Greek companies but also with multi-national companies.
In November 2016, M.S. LOGISTICS was declared to be the bidder for the supply of Logistics services in a large chain of stores. The project launched in mid-December 2016 and includes pick-up, storage, order preparation and distribution to over 300 franchise stores throughout Greece and abroad combined all categories of merchandise as consumables, detergents, food (dry, chilled, frozen and under controlled temperature / 18-20 oC).
Year 2016 was a profitable year with a 67% increase in the Turnover.
The company is certified in ISO 9001: 2008 from November 2015 and in January 2017 was certified by ISO 22000: 2005. Both certificates were issued by TUV NORD.
2017 is expected to be more interesting since already the Company's Turnover for the first half is running at an upward course of 320%.
M.S. LOGISTICS operates in four facilities, three of which handle dry cargos and controlled temperatures and one warehouse is for frozen and chilled goods.
The innovation, to provide a 4th storage temperature, (apart from dry, maintenance, freezing), proceeded in a big investment in establishing controlled temperature storage facilities and distribution. Temperatures in these areas range from 18 to 20 oC and are necessary for sensitive products, especially during summer months. This move has made M.S. LOGISTICS a leader in Greece for managing four different temperatures (dry, freezing, freezing and controlled temperature).
Meanwhile, M.S. LOGISTICS has developed a network of forwarding co-operators. One of its strategic cooperation is with UNIMASTERS, which is the leader in the transport sector to and from the Balkan countries. With two weekly arrivals and departures from Greece, it provides fast and reliable service.

Co-operation with Vi.Ma Vasilias

MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE begins year 2016 with a new cooperation.
Trading Company Vi.Ma Vasilias assigned M.S. LOGISTICS IKE the handling of its supply chain
Vi.Ma VASILIAS represents leading brands in collaboration with foreign companies in Europe and Asia in the field of small household appliances.
The cooperation is expected to bring substantial benefits to both companies, given the economies of scale created.

2015 was a total success for MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE.

The year ended having recorded several new partnerships, such as:

- PLATINUM A.E. importing – trading company, for which M.S. LOGISTICS IKE is managing the entire supply chain up to the final consumer,

- ECO BAU HELLAS LTD, importing – trading company, for which M.S. LOGISTICS IKE manages their Logistics throughout Greece,

- DAMIANAKIS SA, Food Company, for which M.S. LOGISTICS IKE is managing their Logistics throughout mainland Greece,

- HELLIA LTD food company, for which M.S. LOGISTICS IKE is managing the entire supply chain up to the final consumer,

- and many other companies.

In addition to the new partnerships, the company was successfully certified to ISO 9001: 2008 with integrated HACCP Plan. At the same time, M.S. LOGISTICS IKE acquired specialized food management license.

These new acquisitions gave to M.S. LOGISTICS IKE the strength to move on with even more dynamic steps in a difficult reality as we live at the moment in the Greek market.

Co-operation with KORVEL LTD

KORVEL LTD which produces, supply and export high quality natural food products with “Ellatika” trademark entrusted MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE to manage the transportation and storage of its products based on competitive prices as well as the quality of service provided from MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE. With this cooperation M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. adds to its clientele a valued partner.

Co-operation with CATVIS HELLAS LTD

Another success for MULTI SOLUTION THIRD PARTY IKE! The company CATVIS HELLAS LTD confided M.S. LOGISTICS to provide transportation, warehousing, order picking and distribution of its products. High level services of M.S. LOGISTICS combined with competitive prices gave MS LOGISTICS the lead.
CATVIS HELLAS LTD is a subsidiary of the Dutch company CATVIS, which is known for its expertise supplying aquaculture, serving many companies throughout Europe, the Mediterranean countries and several regions of the world.

Co-operation with KORVEL LTD

A new co-operation for M.S. LOGISTICS. SacomHellas assigned M.S. LOGISTICS to provide third party logistic services for its products. SacomHellas activates in the field of Green Biotechnology, applying technology in nature. All products of SacomHellas” are environmentally friendly.


Our company provides different storage options in order to meet every need, allowing its customers to focus on their core business reducing effectively administration costs and improving service level for their customers.     


Our company provides timely and proper distribution of products throughout Greece to the final recipient, covering every requirement of the customers. Working with the most modern fleet delivers every order immediately (24-48 hours in central cities all over Greece).


Our company operates a packaging department offering the opportunity for a wide range of packages.
• Labeling
• Shrink packaging
• Bundling
• Wrapping