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Freight Forwarding (road transport, air freight and sea freight)

Customs procedures / Customs Clearance

Warehousing and Bonded storage of customer’s goods in our warehouses in Athens (Aspropyrgos) or in Thessaloniki (Kalochori)

Storage and inventory management, through a computerized monitoring, from the moment of unloading on the ramp of our warehouse until the time of loading on the distribution truck, through qualified WMS software and the help of wireless terminals (RF)

Licensed Warehouse for Food Handling

Reverce Logistics based on customer’s applied policy.

Handling goods from the container or TIR or domestic transport trucks in our warehouse by qualified personnel using modern equipment operating qualitative and quantitative control

Picking – Order Preparation by barcode scanning with wireless terminals.

Micropicking – according to the specific needs of each customer.

Distribution and delivery of goods based on predetermined delivery times (Attica and Thessaloniki within 24 hours or Mainland Greece within 24-48 hours and Islands within 48-72 hours etc.)

Packing - repackaging - palletizing - labeling, or any promotional packs.

Final check in order to avoid errors on picked orders prior to their loading on distribution trucks by barcode scanning of each product separately.

Cross Docking

Distribution to all over Greece through a nationwide agent network

Safety of goods

Accounting monitoring - issuance of all necessary documentation (delivery note and invoice if needed).

Fiscal representation

Information technology - on-line connection with customers

Statistical data



The total area the company facilitates at the moment is located at strategic points (Aspropyrgos and Kalohori Thessalovica) and amount to 30.000 m2. MULTI SOLUTION LOGISTICS THIRD PARTY IKE provides different storage options in order to meet every need, allowing its customers to focus on their core business reducing effectively administration costs and improving service level for their customers.

The depository and storage have fire detection and fire safety system with sprinklers. Both the premises and the hosted goods are protected with full insurance coverage conditions.

The storage facilities are properly configured in order to accept any product in any quantity. Upon reception of the goods at the premises monitoring and recording of arrival is carried out, macroscopic quality checks are performed, receipts are made on pallets or boxes which are palletized, weighed, labeled and registrated in the WMS at the same day. The warehousing is performed according to FEFO – FIFO, with high standards of quality and safety, meet temperature requirements, monitoring of inventories per storage location, monitoring of goods according to production date, expiration date, per lot, hold back those that are for review or are inappropriate. Throughout the process, MS LOGISTICS IKE monitors all movements with a modern computerized system and issues all the documents required.


Picking of orders from MS LOGISTICS I.K.E. is fully integrated and covers every aspect and stage of the procedure, with minimum involvement of the client, thanks to the specialized pickers, the up to date technological equipment and the especially designed loading areas. Picking of pallets is carried out, layer of box, item and scanning of pallet – box with full traceability. Packing lists are created and delivery notes are issued which are associated with the invoices.


M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. provides timely and proper distribution of goods throughout Greece to the final recipient, covering every requirement of their customers. Working with the most modern fleet, delivers every order directly (24-48 hours in central cities of Greece). M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. provide door to door services.

The fleet of the trucks operated is a mixture of privately owned trucks and exclusively cooperating trucks as well as a service network throughout Greece. It serves reliably and with fast response, as well as at competitive prices the need of its customers, in international transportation, by road, sea and air having representatives worldwide. It is worth to mention the weekly departure of container for Cyprus.


Our company operates a packaging department offering the opportunity for a wide range of packages.

  • Labeling
  • Shrink packaging
  • Bundling
  • Wrapping

Customer Service

Our company is customer oriented. The customer service department is in constant communication with our clients for their quick and efficient service. The main objective of the department is the direct, fast and quality service of the company's customers. The Customer Service department of MS LOGISTICS I.K.E:

  • • Inform customers about the daily receipts and deliveries

  • • It resolves customer problems regarding receipts and deliveries.

  • • It gives the appropriate significance and attention to all customers’ questions and
  • provides the relevant answers in the greatest possible detail as soon as possible.

  • • It communicates to customers the company's efficiency indicators

Money Collection

M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. handles the collection of payments from recipients upon delivery and ensures the deposit of it at a bank account the next working day or at an agreed time from collection.

Collection of Inappropriate Goods

M.S. LOGISTICS I.K.E. undertakes also the collection of non-marketable goods, carried out by vehicles deployed specifically for this purpose. These goods are gathered in a specific storage area until customer’s instruction.